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Friday Favorites – Fun & Beauty

This is going to be a relatively short Friday Favorites post because there is something so cool going on in the blogosphere today that I’m going to send you off to check it out.

But first, a couple of fun posts that had me grinning:

Myndi Shafer struggled with writing log lines and decided to have a little fun with it.

image from

Jennifer Liberts Weinberg, the Kvetch Mom, has a great post on shopping for jeans after giving birth to 3 kids. I can totally relate.

Tiffany White does a great job as usual talking about TV. This week she talks about the return of Breakout Kings. I watched the first season and enjoyed it enough to keep watching, but like Tiffany, I don’t have to see it the moment it’s finished recording. I use it as filler whenever I have spare time.

I only have 2 writing related posts:

Marcy Kennedy made my heart swell with her post on grammar mistakes that will cost you readers. As an English teacher, I cringe at these kinds of mistakes.

Jenny Hansen has the 4th post of a great series of posts on using Triberr. I know nothing about Triberr, other than it’s supposed to help you simplify social media and networking. I’m not sure I totally believe that claim, but Jenny is certainly convincing.

Beauty of a Woman Blogfest

That’s all I’m going to link to today because over on August McLaughlin’s blog, she is hosting a Beauty of a Woman blogfest. All of the posts are about what beauty means to different people.

I managed to see a few of the posts by people I know and they are simply amazing. The whole concept is fantastic and inspiring and I thank August for dreaming it up. Go to her blog now for the list of participating writers, but be prepared: You will get lost for a long time in excellent reading 🙂

Oh, yeah — there are prizes too.

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  1. Hi, Shannyn! Thanks so much for linking back to my blog. I appreciate it! And now I’m excited to get to know you & your blog 🙂

  2. Always happy to meet another Breakout Kings fan… who’s your favorite character? Thanks for including me in your Friday Favorites!

    • Erica is by far my favorite. Although she’s guilty of doing so much more than she was convicted of, it just seems a little unfair. Part of me wanted her to get away with it. It’s not like she went around attacking innocent people. Plus, I think of the inmates, she has the most to live for to make her life right.

  3. Great mash-up Shannyn. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks so much for your support, Shannyn!

  5. Shannyn – I’m so sorry to be late to the party! Thanks so much for the link to my Triberr posts. I’m glad you’re finding them helpful. As you know, I Heart Triberr. 🙂

    Great mash-up!!


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