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An Awesome Proposal

I’m fighting off another migraine, so instead of me talking TV today, you get to see one of the best proposals I’ve seen in a long time. I love the song he used. In fact, it’s part of the sound track for my current WIP, even though I’m not sure my characters will get married.

And don’t forget, you still have one more day to enter the Diamond Jubilee blog hop raffle:

What is the best proposal you ever saw or heard?


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  1. Mine was a scavenger hunt all around downtown at various businesses, put together by my future sisters-in-law so we’d both be surprised. We had to wear odd hats so the shopkeepers knew who we were. The clues were all poems, and one was even printed in the newspaper classifieds for that day. The hunt landed us back at the coffee shop where we first met, and that’s where he proposed. So fun! The coffee shop kept our engagement announcement up on their fridge for a year or two…

  2. This morning there was an article in the Oregonian about this couple, the proposal and info about who appeared in the video! It’s so cool to learn about some of the participants:


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